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Summer Sweet Potatoes? Why Not!

26 Jun

Sweet potatoes are a terrific compliment to almost anything you prepare on your outdoor grill!

Sweet potatoes are an acquired taste for some people. I happen to love them – pretty much any way they are prepared.

Though traditionally served during Thanksgiving (U.S.) and Christmas, I enjoy this super-food year-round.

Sweet potatoes are a terrific compliment to almost anything cooked on the outdoor grill. They are loaded with Vitamins B, C, and D, potassium, magnesium, and have a low glycemic index (minimal impact on blood sugar).

Trouble is, I’ve not had luck preparing them “just right”. Until recently, when I surrendered my strong stance against owning a microwave oven.

So, if you like sweet potatoes, and you’re not opposed to the use of a microwave oven, read on for the quickest, and in my opinion, tastiest way to prepare them.  Continue reading

Make Your Own Fresh Pasta Sauce in 15 Minutes

19 Jun

Summer is a great time to cook outside. But when it’s too hot or too rainy, you can still enjoy the outdoor taste of summer indoors by making your own fresh pasta sauce.

It’s easy to do, and completely changes the flavor of your favorite pasta dish.

Just follow the simple recipe below: Continue reading

The Only Salad You’ll Ever Need To Make

12 Jun

The simple toss of a few ingredients in a light olive oil dressing will cause your guests to rave!

The title of this post is a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much.

This salad is my go-to side for dinner parties, whether I’m playing the role of host or guest. The main entree could have been slow-roasted for 24 hours in special seasoning salt that was trailered in, yet the guests can be heard going on and on about the salad!

I’ve been making this recipe for so long that I don’t even remember where I learned it or who from. It’s really simple and ridiculously good.

If you don’t like one of the ingredients, simply leave it out and your salad will still be super-tasty.


–Baby Romaine Lettuce

–Shaved or shredded parmesan cheese – 2 palmfuls

–Red onion – 1 palmful

–Walnut pieces (optional) – tip: give people the option to add their own by placing small bowls of walnut pieces around the table

Newman’s Own Olive Oil Vinaigrette or make your own vinaigrette. All you need is enough to lightly coat the salad, but not saturate it.

–Toss all ingredients and serve immediately.

That’s all there is too it. Bon appétit!

Scrambled Eggs 101

5 Jun

Delicious every time!

During a business trip to a small Texas town, I opted to spend the night at a delightful bed-and-breakfast.

Most people staying at a B&B are on vacation, so at 5:15 am on a weekday, I was the earliest riser and the only guest in the grand dining room.

The owner kept me company and told stories while he prepared a fabulous breakfast in the adjacent kitchen.

On the menu were:

–Scrambled eggs (the best I’d ever had),

–Turkey bacon,

–Freshly squeezed orange juice,

–Delicious scones,

–And some type of creamy yogurt that I saved for an afternoon snack later that day.

I asked the owner to please share with me how he made his scrumptious scrambled eggs and he was happy to do so.

By following these steps, your scrambled eggs will be just right every time: yellow, fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth, and simply perfect.

Continue reading

Quick Tip In Health: Auto-Refill Your Prescriptions

1 Jun

When my son was six months old, I was diagnosed with post-pregnancy thyroiditis. This condition causes extreme swings in thyroid hormone levels, resulting in a variety of symptoms as the body tries to regulate itself.

My hair was falling out in large clumps. I was experiencing severe night sweats, and changed my bed sheets every morning. My stomach was a wreck and my mood was all over the place.

My symptoms persisted until I was referred to an endocrinologist who diagnosed my condition and prescribed a daily medication.

I was having trouble remembering to refill my prescriptions, until I learned that my pharmacy offers an automated refill service. Now that I’ve enrolled, my prescription is automatically renewed each month and I receive a text message on my phone when it’s ready to be picked up.

My thyroid levels have since stabilized and most likely I will take medication daily for the rest of my life.

Though I do have to remember to take my medication every morning, I no longer have to remember to renew my prescription.

What a relief!

Costco, Walgreen’sWal-Mart, and Target all offer automatic refill services for maintenance prescriptions, free of charge. There are many other pharmacies that offer this service as well.

If you take prescription medication regularly, check with your pharmacist to find out if an automated refill service is an option for you.

To your health,

Image of prescription bottles provided courtesy of foto76

Why You Should Eat More Watermelon This Summer

23 May

Be sure to include watermelon in your summer fare!

Did you know that watermelon contains more cancer-fighting lycopene than tomatoes?

This super-fruit is also packed with Vitamins AC, and energy-boosting B6.

If the kiddos have trouble eating their greens, try giving them more pink! Watermelon has the same amount of potassium boasted by spinach and kale.


Perfect Asparagus Every Time

18 May

Perfect Asparagus – Delicious and Ready to Serve

I once was afraid to cook asparagus, but not anymore!

Thanks to my mother-in-law, my asparagus now turns out perfectly every time, and yours can, too! During her recent visit to Austin, she shared these simple tips with me: Continue reading