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Scrambled Eggs 101

5 Jun

Delicious every time!

During a business trip to a small Texas town, I opted to spend the night at a delightful bed-and-breakfast.

Most people staying at a B&B are on vacation, so at 5:15 am on a weekday, I was the earliest riser and the only guest in the grand dining room.

The owner kept me company and told stories while he prepared a fabulous breakfast in the adjacent kitchen.

On the menu were:

–Scrambled eggs (the best I’d ever had),

–Turkey bacon,

–Freshly squeezed orange juice,

–Delicious scones,

–And some type of creamy yogurt that I saved for an afternoon snack later that day.

I asked the owner to please share with me how he made his scrumptious scrambled eggs and he was happy to do so.

By following these steps, your scrambled eggs will be just right every time: yellow, fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth, and simply perfect.

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