The One Organization Tool I Use in Every Room of My Home

8 Jul

My favorite and most-used organization tool around my home is a clear plastic shoe box. They are available at big box stores and dollar stores. The ones I purchase are branded by the Container Store.  You can find them here.

Here’s why I like this particular line-up:

  • BPA free (important for food storage)
  • Relatively inexpensive (especially by the case and during sales)
  • Consistent sizing
  • Readily available in-store and on-line
  • Seem to fit spaces exactly!
  • Easily stackable
  • Especially handy to prevent liquids from spilling where they shouldn’t
  • Easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher
  • And most importantly, I can see what’s inside!

The 3 sizes I probably use the most are: men’s shoe box, small accessory box, and the regular sweater box. I keep a small stash of these on-hand for quick access when I get a sudden urge to re-organize a closet or pantry (insert Hubby’s deep sigh and shoulder shrug here).

Here are some action pics Around My Home –

Utility Cabinet in Laundry room:


Master Bath for hair products and dental hygiene (1 regular shoe box and 2 small accessory boxes in each drawer):



Top dresser drawer in my bedroom for daily necessities in my purse (I empty mine nearly every day to avoid collections of receipts, gum wrappers, and hair ties in my bags):


Sock drawer:


Refrigerator (Men’s Shoe box for yogurt, regular shoe box for fruit cups, and small accessory box in deli drawer for my son’s BabyBel cheese snacks):

Back fridge contents

Tea cabinet (also home to vitamins, nuts, and a small stash of dark chocolate):


Utility pantry for paper goods and cleaning supplies:



I have more Home Organization posts in the works, so if you liked this one, stay tuned for more!

Happy organizing,


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