Why You Should Eat More Watermelon This Summer

23 May

Be sure to include watermelon in your summer fare!

Did you know that watermelon contains more cancer-fighting lycopene than tomatoes?

This super-fruit is also packed with Vitamins AC, and energy-boosting B6.

If the kiddos have trouble eating their greens, try giving them more pink! Watermelon has the same amount of potassium boasted by spinach and kale.


Watermelon Smoothie for Breakfast!

1. Whip up watermelon smoothies

–For a delicious summertime smoothie, combine the following ingredients in a blender on high for about a minute:

•1/2 cup of vanilla coconut milk

•1/4 cup orange juice

•1 large dollop of plain greek yogurt OR soft tofu

•1 cup frozen watermelon chunks

Quick Tip: Eliminate the need to add ice by preparing frozen watermelon cubes in advance. Simply place chunks of fresh watermelon on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper and cover with plastic wrap before freezing.

Looking for more smoothie recipes? Click here.

2. Make watermelon ice cubes!

–Puree fresh watermelon in a food processor or blender. There is no need to cook the fruit beforehand.

–Pour the puree into ice cube trays, or a silicone brownie mold pan.

–Drop a few cubes into cold water and add a lime wedge or sprig of mint for a hydrating, refreshing summer beverage.

Quick Tip: Once frozen, transfer the cubes to a sealable freezer bag. Be sure to label the bag with the contents and the date you prepared it. Your frozen watermelon should last ~3 months in your freezer.

3. Give the kids healthy frozen fruit pops

–Follow the steps in #1 above. Just pour the puree into a popsicle mold or a paper cup and add a popsicle stick!

Here’s to eating more greens pink this summer around your home!


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