DIY Pallet Headboard

13 Jan

My friend Lori is a brilliant DIY-er and she made this amazing headboard out of wooden pallets. Lori agreed to let me feature her work on the blog today – just for you!


There are actually two pallets here – joined together by metal brackets. Lori and her husband found them at a construction site in their neighborhood and brought them home to create something amazing!

There were only two colors used, both Rustoleum products: one coat of Colonial Red paint applied with a brush, followed by one coat of Kona stain:


The stain was applied with a rag and then the surface was wiped down with a clean rag, which is sort of a “dry-glazing” technique, but with rags instead of brushes. For more tips on how to glaze furniture, visit this post.

The last step was to apply a heavy grit sandpaper to give the piece a weathered-looking finish:


Metal brackets from The Home Depot join the two pallets together, and a few extra brackets are left exposed for an industrial look:


Lori owned some wooden shelving that she re-purposed by spray-painting it with a Rustoleum hammered metallic finish.

Looks like metal to me!


These light fixtures are the absolute perfect fit – discovered on a trip to Target:


This shot is one of my favorites – I love how the lighting highlights the colors:


The headboard rests against the wall and is supported by the bed, but could easily be attached to the wall if needed.


I hope you enjoyed this special post today, featuring my friend Lori’s amazing project! Pssst…maybe she’ll let me share some more of her work with you very soon.

What DIY project(s) are you working on around your home? Tell me all about it in the comments section below!

Thanks for stopping by today,


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