More Ways to Take The Sting Out of Mosquito Bites This Summer

9 Jul

Since posting the original version of this article, I’ve discovered two must-have tools for the mosquito-fighting arsenal Around My Home.

Mosquito Lantern

The first is the lantern you see on the left. It emits odorless butane to repel mosquitoes in an area of ~200 square feet and has the added feature of an actual light for night-time use.

I purchased several of these lanterns at The Home Depot and they are perfect for outdoor gatherings – one on each table and you have both function and decoration!

The second item is the Alba Lavender Sunscreen on the far right. I’ve tried other brands and scents, but this one really seems to repel mosquitoes effectively for me. I apply the emollient lotion to exposed areas of skin before venturing outside and am usually able to survive dusk without a bite.

The information contained in the original article is all still relevant, so I’ve pasted it in its entirety below.

Hopefully this quick post will give you some new ways to gain relief from mosquitoes this summer!

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Take the Sting Out of Mosquito Bites This Summer

3 indispensable products for outdoor summer living Around My Home!

I like to imagine that there were no mosquitoes in the Garden of Eden. Unfortunately, that’s not the case in our backyard.

We have three neighboring properties around our home that all have swimming pools. Where there’s water, heat, and humidity, there are mosquitoes.

I’ve discovered a handful of at-home remedies for both preventing and treating mosquito bites that are safe for all ages.

I learned of these methods while preparing for a business trip to Bangkok, Thailand.

Mosquitoes are a big problem in Bangkok year-round. The climate is hot and humid, many places do not have air conditioning, and the sanitation is not ideal – a perfect recipe for a multitude of mosquitoes.

Not only are the mosquitoes a nuisance in Bangkok, but many also carry dangerous diseases, so I was required to get a slew of vaccinations before traveling there.

Below are the tips I followed to avoid getting bit and they really worked!
Preventing Mosquito Bites:

Mosquitoes have sensitive noses. They are attracted to sweet and musky fragrances but are repelled by most herbal scents, including rosemary, lavender, and mint.

1. Use an unscented or minty shower wash. My go-to product during summer is Aveda’s Rosemary Mint Hand and Bodywash, which combines two scents that mosquitoes don’t like. In addition to being cool and refreshing, it’s also gender-neutral. For young children, stick to unscented products.

2. Skip the perfume. Mosquitoes love this stuff, so stay away from perfume during the summer and the mosquitoes should stay away from you. Keep in mind that perfume can linger on your clothing through several washes.

3. Use unscented body lotion or sunblock, which will preserve the minty scent of the body wash.

Soothing Mosquito Bites You Already Have:

1. As soon as possible, wash the affected area with any liquid hand or body soap and water. Any type will do. I don’t know why this works – it just does.

2. Apply peppermint oil (undiluted) directly to the individual bites using a cotton swab, cotton pad, or cotton ball. Be sure to wash your hands throughly so that you don’t get any of the oil in your eye.

3. Don’t scratch that itch! If you can leave the bites alone for ~20 minutes after following steps 1 and 2 above, you may not even remember that you had mosquito bites in the first place!

I was in Bangkok for two weeks. At most, I incurred 2-3 mosquito bites during the entire trip. During my stay, I walked through the outdoor market every evening and ate nearly every meal outside. I saw plenty of mosquitoes – even quite a few in my hotel room!

I did not use any insect repellent or wear special clothing. I simply followed the tips outlined above, which are the same ones I now follow at home. I hope they work for you, too.

Now go enjoy outdoor living around your home!

Have some great tips for preventing mosquito bites? Please share them by posting a comment below!


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  1. Doc Carter July 13, 2014 at 8:49 am #

    Thanks for sharing these idea and products. Glad your Bangkok trip was uneventful…at least mosquito-wise.


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