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Warning: Addiction Likely

11 Sep

Let’s just say these PopCorners disappeared quickly after this photo was taken!

I stumbled upon my new favorite snack indulgence at the grocery store last week. Though I typically try to stick to the outer sections of the grocery store (produce and dairy), I do wander occasionally into the middle aisles where all of the processed foods lurk.

PopCorners come in several flavors!

That’s when I discovered PopCorners. PopCorners taste exactly like popcorn, but in the form of a chip. They are delicious and gluten free (watch for my upcoming post on why I made the switch to gluten-free living). I seriously could eat an entire bag.

Oh, and PopCorners come in Kettle Corn flavor, too!

The best thing about PopCorners? I’ve been wearing braces now for 20 months, and popcorn has been a forbidden food choice throughout my orthodontic treatment. Now it’s an option for people with braces, too!