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The Big Reveal: This Old House

8 Aug

Little J’s Wedding Gift Someday…

A few weeks ago, I shared with you that I was working on a super-secret project. Now it’s official – I’m the proud owner of the sweet little house pictured here. It’s a vintage charmer, built in 1955 in an adorable Austin neighborhood, and walking distance to just about everything!

We purchased the home from the estate of the original owners, who did a lovely job maintaining it. It’s obvious that there was plenty of love and lots of great memories here, and we look forward to filling it with many more.

Once I started “kicking tires”, things happened much, much faster than expected. So, the current plan is to do a mini-remodel and then lease it out until Little J’s wedding day (he’s 15 months old as of this post).

During the last week, the house has been swarming with contractors – electrical and plumbing being the primary focus areas. The city inspector is scheduled to come out today to review, and hopefully pass, the work that’s been completed. Unfortunately, they don’t give you a time window, so someone has to be available at the house from  7 am until 4pm – ugh. Not so much fun with a 1 year old in a construction zone!

There are some gorgeous wood floors throughout most of the house, and some not-so-gorgeous vinyl tile in the kitchen. Some updates are needed, so I’m planning to change a few things, while still maintaining the character of the home and neighborhood. I’ll be posting regular pics and updates of the remodel here.

Now, let’s see if I can get it done and leased before school starts on August 27th…things will be moving fast and I’d love to have you along for the ride on this one!

Oh, and don’t get attached to the exterior paint color, because it’s about to change radically next week.