Kid’s DIY Treasure Box

9 Dec

Recently my son had a friend over and they made these darling treasure boxes (with only the tiniest bit of “Mom” help):


My little guy loves to paint – I wonder where he gets that from?

So, we dug through my stash and found two small wooden boxes, along with some fabric scraps, and 2 oz. bottles of acrylic paint.



All of these supplies were purchased at craft stores – the wooden boxes were 99 cents!

I covered the kitchen table with a plastic dropcloth and each child was given a paper plate with paint colors of their choice and different-sized brushes.


The foam brushes were ideal for putting a base coat on the lid of the treasure box. Smaller artist brushes were used to add detail.


My little artist wanted to create an ocean on his box lid. Not bad for a 3 year-old, don’t you think?


His friend had her own creative design in mind. It turned out beautifully:


While the boxes dried and the kids played outside with Dad, I added a little embellishment of my own – with permission from the artists, of course.

Using gold acrylic paint and a small foam brush, I added some fancy “trim” to the front, back, and sides:




My son later decided he wanted to add more glam to his treasure box, so we used a nautical stencil and gold acrylic paint:


I also lined the interior, using fabric scraps and spray adhesive:


This is a super fun project for the kids during the holidays and keeps them really focused. The end result makes fun, inexpensive gifts for teachers, babysitters, grandparents, etc.

What are some of your favorite DIY projects for the kids this time of year? Let me know in the comments section below – I love hearing from you!

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