New Windows for This Old House

13 Aug

The anticipation is killing me. And the large picture window for the front of the house that will be flanked by two double-hungs is delayed a week due to tempering the glass…sigh.

If you’ve visited Around My Home lately, you know that I’m in the middle of attempting a lightning-fast remodel of this recently-purchased 1950’s house.

Window installation began this weekend and I’m both anxious and excited. I’m trusting people I’ve never met to open up massive holes in my house with the promise to put something better in it’s place and seal it up tight before sundown.

A real nail-biter for sure.

The scary part – one big hole. What if the window installers decide to go to lunch and never come back? And why is there a toilet on the back porch?

That’s one happy window guy!

A bit of a preview: deciding to put a picture window in the breakfast area was definitely the right call. The backyard now looks HUGE! I can imagine drinking my morning coffee seated at the window and not wanting to leave that spot.

Here’s a shot of it from outside – far from finished yet, but on the way to beautiful…and energy efficient! When completed, wood trim will frame both the interior and exterior of each window.

One Window In!

Painters return today to paint the first coat of new exterior paint over the primer they applied last week.

What else is happening today? New countertops in the morning and kitchen sink in the afternoon!


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