My Very Own Grown-Up Glassware

16 Jun

Last month I turned 40 and have since changed a few things Around My Home.

Not because I felt that I had to or because anyone told me to.

I just decided to. Glassware was one of them.


For years, I had owned a mis-matched collection of glassware:

–coffee mugs from around the world,

–the only two juice glasses left from an original set of eight,

–lots of plastic cups with various logos,

–and more Mason jars than I’d ever admit to having in public (for some mysterious reason that escapes me, Hubby loves to drink out of these).

When shopping for new glassware, I quickly discovered how expensive it is to replace – really expensive.

So, I researched options on-line and in-store. I held glasses in my hands. I read reviews – lots and lots of reviews.

Listed here are the options I settled on and why…just in case it might be time for a glassware update around your home.


Williams Sonoma Essentials Wine glasses. Set of 8. Made in USA.

Why I love them:

–Reasonably priced


–Fit my cabinet height perfectly (others I liked were too tall)

–The glass that forms the base, stem, and bowl, is all one piece

–Feel comfortable in my hand

–Easy to replace if broken

–Excellent Customer Reviews


Crate and Barrel Impressions glasses. Sold individually. Made in Mexico.

Why I love them:



–Thumb impressions make the glass easy to hold and very comfortable

–Heavy weight makes glasses feel sturdy

–Easy to replace if broken

–Excellent Customer Reviews


Pottery Barn Cambria Dinnerware (I have the Stone color). Sold individually. Made in Portugal.

Why I love them:

–Reasonably priced


–Handle is a comfortable size for both men and women

–Lots of colors

–Positive Customer Reviews

I simply love opening my kitchen cabinet now, and I think my tea might even taste a little better, too.

Oh, if you’re wondering about the Mason jars, there are two tucked away in the cabinet – within reach, but just out of sight.



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