Orange-Strawberry Summertime Smoothie

29 May

After several hours of working in the yard this weekend with 90+° heat, I was feeling depleted and wanted something really replenishing to drink.

A quick inventory of the contents in my fridge and freezer revealed the ingredients listed below, which I used to whip up this oh-so-yummy smoothie packed with Vitamin C and Potassium.

Oh-so-yummy Orange-Strawberry Summertime Smoothie is packed with Vitamin C and Potassium

The flavor is on the tangy side, so if your taste buds prefer something less so, add agave nectar or cane sugar to sweeten it up.

A dollop of whipping cream will make this smoothie sweet and creamy. Hubby downed the one in this pic in seconds. I went with no added sweetener, as I like my smoothies slightly tart.

Orange-Strawberry Summertime Smoothie Recipe

Combine the following ingredients in a blender on high for about a minute:

–1-1/2 cups vanilla coconut milk

–1/2 cup orange juice

–approx. 1 cup soft tofu

–4-5 large frozen strawberries

–1 frozen banana

–1/2 cup frozen pineapple

Makes two 16 oz. smoothies

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